There are few things more prominent on your car than its paint job. Even small nicks and scratches can detract from the overall appearance of your vehicle. We offer South Africa’s most comprehensive automotive paint solutions with a range of premium-quality paints to suit every automotive need. Whether you require spot touch ups or extensive resprays, our versatile paint solutions ensure perfect colour accuracy, excellent durability, and seamless application.

Partnering for excellence with Kanye Vimba
We’re proud to have partnered with Kanye Vimba, a leading coating and consumables supply chain specialist in the car refinish, automotive OEM, industrial and composite industries. The company supplies a comprehensive portfolio of paints, coatings, consumables, repair equipment and PPE. Kanye Vimba has been servicing premium body shops since 2008. Over the years, it has firmly established itself as a family-owned business committed to providing high-quality paint, exceptional after-sales service, technical backup and deliveries – all at the very best price.

Our professional automotive paint solutions together with Kanye Vimba’s technical excellence and innovative products ensure that clients get the very best results every time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Autoboys prides itself on having fantastic colour matching abilities. We have qualified colour matchers at each of our paint outlets as well as colour matching technology that allows us to mix any paint colour you need while you wait.

We have a very competitive product range and do not compromise on quality. Our technical staff are available on request and we will support any customer, big or small.

We deliver timeously and efficiently free of charge to all our customers that require deliveries.

  • Nexa Autocolour Aquabase Plus – a fully approved, water based, VOC compliant automotive paint system with a lifetime warrantee
  • Deltron – a fully approved solvent based automotive paint system with a lifetime warrantee
  • Max Meyer – 2K and base coat automotive system for our mid-tier bodyshop customers
  • Duxone – 2K and base coat automotive system for our mid-tier bodyshop customers
  • Nexa Autocolour 2K – 2K and basecoat automotive system which is used for all our in-store, over counter paint mixes
  • Autolac is our economy line including 2K, NC, MS, QD and other solvent products

We sell most equipment required when preparing and painting a car including spray guns, spray masks, orbital sanders, polishers and many more.

As the first coat to be applied, primers play an essential role in the longevity and professional finish of a car’s paintwork. Primers create a smoother surface by levelling out any marks or defects on the metal substrate. They also act as a binding layer that enables the base coat to adhere to the surface, which helps prevent flaking, chipping, corrosion and sun damage.
The base coat is applied after the primer coat. This is what gives cars their colour and visual effect. Base coats are usually divided into four categories, namely solid, metallic, pearl and xirallic.
Solid colour
This is the entry-level paint option available on most car models. Unlike pearl or metallic pigments, it has no sparkling agents. The paint is formed by topping a single layer of colour with a clear-coat layer designed to protect the car against minor damage such as light scratches and paint chips.
Metallic colours are designed to give the appearance of polished metal. Small particles of powdered metal and aluminium are added to the paint to create a sparkling metallic effect when exposed to a light source.
Pearl paint is created by adding mica particles or ceramic crystals that split light into rich chromatic colours. Pearlescent paints are considered to have more depth of colour than conventional metallic paint.
Xirallic is an alumina-effect pigment made of aluminium oxide platelets covered with titanium oxide. The result is a striking glitter effect with a distinct shimmering behaviour.

We are able to ensure perfect colour matching through the use of a spectrophotometer. Resembling a barcode scanner, this sophisticated device measures colour electronically by shining a beam of light onto a colour sample and recording the wavelengths of reflected light. The computer then matches this data to the paint system, and creates a formula to mix the precise paint colour required.

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