Whether it’s accidentally drifting out of your lane, forgetting to check your blind spot or not maintaining a safe following distance, everyone makes mistakes on the road sometimes. ADAS relies on carefully calibrated safety features to help avoid and correct these driving errors. Available at select Autoboys outlets, we offer specialised calibration services for a safer journey.

 What is ADAS?
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have become an essential feature on most modern vehicles. ADAS refers to a wide variety of safety features designed to improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety by reducing the severity and frequency of motor vehicle accidents. In order to function effectively, ADAS safety features rely on precise calibration.

Why is it so important to calibrate properly?
Without properly calibrated features, your ADAS system will not work effectively and may place you and others in danger on the road. The features must be in perfect alignment in order for you to benefit from useful attributes such as lane-keep assist, adaptive lighting, lane-departure warnings and autonomous emergency braking systems.

When to calibrate
Whenever a windscreen is replaced, removed or damaged in a way that affects the alignment, the entire system will need to be carefully recalibrated in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines.

World-class sensor calibration technology
At Autoboys, we use the revolutionary Mahle Digital ADAS maintenance system to recalibrate quickly, easily and accurately. This advanced technology is available in selected Autoboys outlets only.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Static calibration is performed while a vehicle is stationary; no driving is necessary. The calibration is done in a specialised workshop using an array of highly sensitive equipment to test each module or feature and to then return each to optimal functionality.
  • Dynamic calibration, also referred to as mobile calibration, is performed by driving your car for a prescribed distance, at a prescribed speed and in optimum weather conditions. A handheld device that aids the process is attached to the car during the test.
  • Static and Dynamic Calibration is a combination of both of the above.

The windscreen needs to be calibrated once the windscreen is replaced or removed because the camera alignment is affected and recalibration is needed.

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