A broken or improperly fitted windscreen poses a significant danger while driving on the road. Rear window and door glass are also essential to your safety and comfort. At Autoboys, we have internationally certified glass and the professional expertise you need to replace your auto glass quickly, affordably and to the highest industry standards.


Should your windscreen become damaged and need to be replaced, our professional technicians will provide the fast, efficient and professional auto glass fitment you need to get back on the road in no time.

Why a professionally fitted windscreen is essential?

Your windscreen plays a big role in keeping you and your passengers safe while driving. Not only does it enable you to see the road ahead clearly, shield you from the elements and protect you from flying debris, it’s also essential to maintaining the structural integrity of your vehicle.

In the event of an accident, a properly fitted windscreen can help prevent a roof- collapse in a rollover accident and allow airbags to inflate properly. Windscreens also play an important role in the handling of your car, providing up to 34% of torsional stiffness to withstand more pressure.

When to replace and when to repair windscreens?

If your windshield or another window in your vehicle has been broken due to burglary, accident or any other incident, it will need to be replaced entirely. However, if it is only chipped, it may be possible to repair it instead.

The decision to repair or replace your windscreen is based on a number of factors. These include the size of the chip, and where the damage is. These factors contribute to whether or not the glass will remain structurally sound after a repair.

Side and rear windows are made from laminated or toughened glass. If damaged, they can’t be repaired, and must be replaced.

We use only the highest-quality auto glass

Our windshields are SABS approved, Shatterproof, DOT marked and E-Mark approved. Shatterproof glass is glass that has been manufactured to prevent splintering on impact. Our side and rear windows are made from laminated or tough tempered glass. All of our glass comes with a lifetime warranty, along with a 12-month warranty on workmanship.

Your vehicle in safe hands

We’ll make sure that your car is not damaged during the fitment process. We take protective measures to ensure the safety of your car. We’ll also vacuum your car when necessary to remove any potentially dangerous glass shards, as well as reapply stickers and rear-view mirrors that were originally attached to the glass.

Speedy turnaround times for your auto glass needs

Glass replacement can usually be done the next day. If we don’t have the auto glass in stock, we’ll order it for you. Waiting times for delivery vary based on the brand and type of glass you require. The average waiting time for sourced glass is 1 day. Specialised or imported glass may take longer.

Track your glass insurance claim with our convenient app

Our smart app lets you track your glass fitment, revise your details, update the location for your fitment or even request a fitment date change. You’ll also get convenient reminders about your fitment.

Glass replacements while you wait

Our professional glass technicians can replace your auto glass in less than an hour. To allow the bonding agent to set, your technician will recommend a waiting time before driving your car.

We come to you with mobile glass-fitting

Getting your auto glass replaced doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our mobile glass-fitting service can come to your home, office or any other location that’s convenient for you.

Easy insurance claims

We partner with the majority of South Africa’s leading insurers. Our seamless customer service will help manage your claims to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Auto glass products to suit any make and model

We stock a wide range of windscreens, side windows, rear windows, glass panels and fitment accessories for most vehicle makes and models.


Choose from 67 outlets located nationwide for professional automotive glass-fitting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shatterprufe® is a brand of glass that is supplied and fitted by glass companies.
Shatterproof is a safety characteristic which refers to laminating two pieces of
glass to stop the glass from shattering into splinters.

Yes. Our automotive glass is SABS approved. This requires a windscreen to be resistant
to penetration and disintegration using a laminate (a polyvinyl plastic core).

Autoboys automotive glass complies with all local safety standards and most international standards.
We comply with the following safety standards:

South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS)
SANS 1191:2005 – High penetration resistant laminated safety glass for vehicles
SANS 1193:2008 – Toughened safety glass for vehicles
SANS 10240:2009 – Installation of replacement auto glass in motor vehicle by the direct glazing method.
International Standards
ISO/TS 16949:2009 – Manufacturing of glass for use in the automotive industry.
This certification is only granted to manufacturers of components in the OE supply chain.
E-Mark/ECE –R43/1296-1298 – Installation of safety glazing materials on vehicles (European standard)
DOT – Automotive ‘Glazing Materials’ (USA Department of Transport)
CCC – (China Compulsory Certification)
ECE – Economic Commission for Europe Regulation
ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System (International Standard)
ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management System (International Standard)
ISO/TS (Japan)

Autoboys will never sell your personal information.
Any information collected from you will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.

We offer a national lifetime warranty on our glass products.

Autoboys provides a 12-month warranty on workmanship.

The vehicle will be sanitised once the fitment is completed.

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