If your windscreen has been damaged, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to repair it for you.

This will help avoid the more costly alternative of replacing it entirely.

The importance of having your windscreen professionally repaired

Even minor windscreen damage should not be ignored. What looks like just a small nick or chip to you, could actually lead to more serious damage, compromising your safety on the road.

Chips or cracks in the glass can cause light refraction which decreases visibility, while fractures can also weaken the glass and reduce the structural integrity of your car. It’s best to have any windscreen damage checked by our professionals as soon as possible.

When to repair and when to replace windscreens?

A chipped windscreen doesn’t necessarily mean that the glass needs to be replaced entirely. In fact, our professional glass technicians may be able to fix it for you quickly and far more affordably than a fitment.

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace. These include where the damage has occurred, how many chips there are and the size of the chips. Our technicians will assess the damage to determine whether or not your windshield will remain structurally sound after the repair.  

Windscreen damage can be repaired if:

  • The chip is not directly in the driver’s line of sight
  • The chip is smaller than a 10mm in the A Zone
  • The chip is smaller than 40mm in the B Zone
  • There are no more than 3 repairs on the windscreen

Side and rear windows are made from laminated or toughened glass. If damaged, they can’t be repaired, and must be replaced.

Types of chips and cracks in windscreens

Windscreen damage is usually a result of sudden impact from stones, hail or other flying debris. These are five of the most common cracks and chips that can occur:
Bull's Eye
Partial Bull's Eye or Half Moon

Insurance claims and windscreen repairs
We partner with the majority of South Africa’s leading insurers. 
Our seamless customer service will help manage your claims to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Auto glass insurance repairs at your convenience
Getting your auto glass insurance repair is quick and easy. Our mobile glass-fitting service will come to your home, office or any other location that works best for you.

Windscreen repairs in minutes

Our expert technicians can repair your auto glass in just 15 minutes. You’ll be able to drive your car immediately afterwards.

Windscreen repairs for any vehicle make and model

We are able to repair chips in all vehicles, including cars, taxis, buses, trucks and more.

Track your windscreen repair insurance claim easily on our app

Our convenient app lets you track your repair, revise your details, update the location for your repair or even change the date of your repair. You’ll also get convenient reminders about your repair.

We’ll take care of your car

During the repair process, we take every precaution to ensure that your car is not damaged in any way.


Choose from 67 outlets located nationwide for professional automotive glass-fitting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical repair will take approximately 15 minutes.

The damage will not disappear completely but you can expect a visible improvement of between 75% and 95%.

There are two factors that determine the extent of visibility of the repair:

  • The extent of the damage – The more damage there is, the more visibility will remain.
  • The age of the damage – The older the damage, the more likely there will be contaminates in the break causing discoloration. This discoloration may still be visible after the repair.

No, you can repair today and replace tomorrow if necessary.

Yes, there is a 12 month guarantee against further cracking. We offer a refund or a re-repair should further cracking occur.

Yes, the chip repair will pass a roadworthy inspection.

There is a very small chance that the chip will run or crack during the repair process due to the structural integrity of the windscreen. If however the chip is left unrepaired it will eventually crack and will then require more costly windscreen replacement.

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