Automotive Glass Europe, AGE, announces its rebrand to Automotive Glass Experts

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this month, AGE takes on a new journey to respond to tomorrow’s challenges and customers’ needs. With the same logo, colours, mission, and values, that reflect the group’s growth and evolution, Automotive Glass Europe becomes Automotive Glass Experts. Embracing its global expansion strategy, AGE now has members in Canada, Africa, and […]

Axalta Refinish, Autoboys and Kanye Vimba Launch New Partnership in South Africa

Industry-leading Spies Hecker products and training programmes are being rolled out across South African bodyshops with immediate effect. Johannesburg, 20 July 2022 – Axalta Refinish, Autoboys and Kanye Vimba have signed a rolling long-term agreement that, effective immediately, introduces Spies Hecker premium automotive coatings across South Africa. With a national footprint and a substantial support […]

Cape Talk | Afternoon Drive with John Maytham Show

This week we featured on the Cape Talk Afternoon Drive with John Maytham; he shared a positive customer experience he had with Autoboys! Contact us for all your parts, glass or paint needs or find a store near you.

How Your Car’s Cabin Filter Can Safeguard Your Health

By Filum Ho, Autoboys CEO Summer is upon us and many car owners will want to be sure that their vehicles’ air conditioning systems are working properly. With the weather getting warmer, it’s important to know that the reliability of your car’s air conditioning system is inextricably linked to its cabin filter system. The cabin […]

Right to Repair and Changing your Car’s Engine Oil

By Filum Ho, Autoboys CEO Major changes have swept across South Africa’s automotive industry from the start of this month as the Competition Commission’s guidelines on right to repair have been enacted. The automotive sector has been gearing up for this moment, and new car owners are finally able to service or repair their motor […]

Autoboys Helps Bring Katana Paint Gun to SA Market

Johannesburg, 24 May 2021 Autoboys is proud to announce that it’s helping to bring Anest Iwata’s highly respected Katana Spray Gun to South Africa’s automotive market. The Katana Spray Gun — which has been developed by the Anest Iwata Factory in Asia — is used by the automotive industry across the globe for high-quality primer […]

Windscreen Replacements: How to Stop Getting Ripped Off

By Filum Ho, CEO of Autoboys Replacing your windshield or any other glass on your motor vehicle shouldn’t have to be a painful and expensive experience. In South Africa, it’s all too common for large carmakers, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to scare customers into purchasing more expensive replacement glass. OEMs sometimes even […]

Motor Vehicle Safety: Keeping Windscreen ADAS in Check

By Jacques Harmse, National Franchise & Technical Manager at Autoboys Driving a car in 2021 is an increasingly autonomous experience thanks to a wide array of hi-tech Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ADAS comprises electronic systems that assist drivers in driving and parking functions, thereby enhancing vehicle safety. These systems use technology such as sensors […]

New Right To Repair Rules: 5 Things Car Owners Need To Know

By Filum Ho, CEO of Autoboys Big changes are coming to South Africa’s motoring landscape on 1 July 2021. For the first time ever, owners of new cars will have the right to repair or service their vehicles at an independent provider of their choice. These owners won’t be locked into restrictive embedded motor or […]

Final Victory for SA Car Owners in Right to Repair Battle

Johannesburg, 11 December 2020 – Restrictive service and repair warranty plans will finally become a thing of the past for South African car owners, following a major announcement by the Competition Commission today. Currently, owners of new cars in South Africa are typically locked into using a vehicle manufacturer’s service centres, repair shops and parts […]