Autoboys Brings World’s Best Windshield Repair Tool To SA


Autoboys Brings World’s Best Windshield Repair Tool To SA

Auto glass and parts specialists Autoboys has become the sole distributor of GlasWeld’s ProVac Zoom in South Africa, a development that brings the world’s fastest and best windshield repair tool into the country for the first time.

The ProVac Zoom is GlasWeld’s flagship windshield repair tool and is designed for an age in which workshops are increasingly expected to do repairs with fast turnaround times and high volumes.

Unlike other windshield repair kits on the market, the ProVac Zoom does not need to drill into glass to repair damage. Instead, it is able to gently and quickly suction air out, allowing for a perfect seal almost instantly.

In addition, the ProVac Zoom’s patent-pending Z-Mount technology solves a common problem that all other systems have: over-tightening against the glass.

By solving this problem and having no external moving parts, the ProVac Zoom is the world’s easiest windshield repair tool to use. A full vacuum can also be achieved in just three turns and by using 4-6 drops of resin. GlasWeld resin has been independently tested and is proven to be 34% stronger on average than other resins thus providing a longer lasting, safer repair than competitor products which is why it has been approved for use in glass claims by a leading insurer.

Autoboys — which is South Africa’s only Level 3 B-BBEE certified glass provider — believes strongly in the benefits this product can bring to its national network of outlets in addition to selling to other workshops across the country.

“By bringing the respected GlasWeld ProVac Zoom into South Africa, it fits into our philosophy at Autoboys of expanding our own offering while empowering other smaller motor repair businesses at the same time,” says Filum Ho, CEO of Autoboys.

“This product will dramatically improve the speed and quality of windshield repairs in South Africa and ultimately benefit car owners who need it most,” says Ho.

GlasWeld was founded in the US in 1982 by Hap Alexander and distributes its windshield repair tools, as well as other glass scratch and headlight repair products, to over 50 countries.

As part of its mission, it seeks to help save windshields and flat glass from being unnecessarily thrown out. GlasWeld also focuses on helping save lives by keeping windshields intact.

Highest quality for auto glass

The introduction of GlasWeld’s ProVac Zoom to Autoboys’ range of products further comes at a time when Autoboys has become the first ever South African company to be included in the Automotive Glass Europe (AGE) network.

AGE is a unique organisation of partner companies, all of whom are market leaders in the auto glass space in their respective countries.

The network is known for providing automotive glass repair and replacement of the highest quality for all vehicle types throughout Europe across over 20 countries and in 1550 locations. There also around 7000 specialist glass professionals that fall under its umbrella.

“Our inclusion in AGE as well as our efforts to bring the likes of GlasWeld’s top products into South Africa signal our intent to continue to be the country’s best auto glass and parts specialists,” says Ho.

“We have continued to provide South Africans with lower-cost, highest quality auto glass and repair products. We see ourselves as continuing to help change the South African market for the better,” adds Ho.

Autoboys Brings World’s Best Windshield Repair Tool To SA