Autoboys Boosts Its Product Range with Saint-Gobain Norton

Autoboys and Norton Partner Up

Autoboys Boosts Its Product Range with Saint-Gobain Norton

Auto glass and parts specialists Autoboys has added Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ well-known Norton range to its outlets across South Africa.

Norton is renowned in Europe and the USA for enhancing its customers’ abilities when it comes to body panel repair and paint defect removal – even in the most challenging applications.

Decades of experience have fine-tuned the Norton brand, which was founded in 1885 in Massachusetts in the USA before being acquired over 100 years later in 1990 by France-headquartered Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain itself also has over 350 years of industrial history and is the world’s leading manufacturer of abrasives.

Norton is regarded as a leading player in the automotive refinishing sector, having built a reputation of being committed to a wide range of non-paint, high-quality products for the professional body shop.

Autoboys – which is level-4 BBBEE certified and 51% owned by Patrice Motsepe-backed African Rainbow Capital (ARC) – is proud to have started supplying Norton’s full range in South Africa in 2018.

Autoboys CEO Filum Ho says: “With Autoboys having developed its offering beyond high-quality glass fitment to that of a one-stop-shop for the automotive industry across South Africa, we firmly believe that we’ll continue to deliver the best service to our customers with the addition of highly respected product ranges such as Norton.”

The sales representative for Saint-Gobain Abrasives in South Africa, Thabo Nyamane, says: “Autoboys is an extremely professional company to work alongside. This year, we have already rolled out our displays for each shop in addition to our stock.”

Earlier this year, the 2000 square metre Southdale Autoboys outlet in Johannesburg started featuring Norton product displays.

And with hundreds of Norton products on offer to other Autoboys outlets across the country, customers will benefit from the most complete and innovative offering in the automotive market.

Norton’s extensive product catalogue ranges from Norton Pro to the Multi-Air Process products, which illustrate the brand’s high-tech manufacturing technology and innovative ideas on processes.

In addition, products for metal working – such as the Norton Blue Fire cutting

and grinding wheels and the Norton Pro Plus sanding paper – highlight the continuous improvements coming from their long term industrial experience.

Autoboys customers can expect this portfolio of products to continuously evolve and improve as, every year, Saint-Gobain Abrasives invests significantly in its research and development (R&D) efforts.

“Norton, with its Saint-Gobain pedigree, is an excellent addition for us as it provides the entire range of high-quality abrasives, and we are excited that we can offer these products to our customers,” says Filum Ho.

Autoboys Boosts Its Product Range with Saint-Gobain Norton