Autoboys and Kanye Vimba Partner to Deliver Dynamic Paint Solutions


Johannesburg, 20 September 2019 — Automotive body shops across South Africa are set to gain access to a greater array of premium-quality, cost-efficient paint solutions thanks to a new joint venture agreement struck between Autoboys and Kanye Vimba.

Founded in 2006, Kanye Vimba is a leading coating and consumables supply chain specialist, serving customers in the Car Refinish, Automotive OEM, Industrial and Composite industries. The company has focused on supplying a comprehensive portfolio of paints, coatings, consumables, repair equipment and PPE to these sectors.

When it comes to the Car Refinish and Automotive OEM sectors, Kanye Vimba has been servicing premium body shops since 2008 primarily in the Gauteng area.

The partnership with Autoboys means that Kanye Vimba can now expand its offering to potentially hundreds of body shops across South Africa.

“Autoboys has an entrepreneurial culture with a corporate flair. That’s why we get along, and we believe that our partnership will fast-track the uptake of our hugely competitive offerings to more body shops in South Africa than ever before owing to Autoboys’ national footprint,” says Kanye Vimba CEO, Llewelyn Mulder.

Commenting on the partnership, Autoboys CEO Filum Ho says: “We have joined forces with Kanye Vimba because we believe that they will strongly complement our current offerings at Autoboys. Kanye Vimba’s long-time experience in the industry, as well as their passion for paint, will be of huge benefit to our customers.”

“We’re really looking forward to competing and creating value for customers in this market segment, just like we’ve done for the likes of the auto glass and parts market in South Africa,” adds Ho.

Premium quality at the best price

Kanye Vimba has built up a strong reputation over the years as a family-owned business that goes the extra mile when it comes to servicing body shops.

Mulder says Kanye Vimba is steadfastly committed to providing the best-quality after-sales service as well as technical backup and deliveries, but without the premium charge that the body shop industry has become accustomed to over the years.

“We focus on bringing a premium offering at a cost-sensitive price point. Every year, paint prices in our industry increase above inflation, but the body shop is under pressure to keep its price increases at or below inflation. This means that body shops typically lose money on paint year-after-year,” says Mulder.

Autoboys and Kanye Vimba Partner to Deliver Dynamic Paint Solutions