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Automotive Glass Europe Goes Global

Automotive Glass Europe® announces the news that it has now gone global, as it recently created a partnership with colleagues from two other continents.

Automotive Glass Europe® is an alliance of leading providers of automotive glass repair and replacement services. The group was founded over a decade ago, and is operating in 1,500 locations across 20 different European countries. The recent global expansion is AGE’s proactive response to the growing demand of insurance and leasing companies and fleet managers.

Pim de Ridder, managing director of Automotive Glass Europe® comments on the new partnerships:

“The key reason for creating our alliance over a decade ago was to provide our Partners from different European countries with an international dimension whenever necessary. 11 years on, we have seen that this initiative is appreciated by their customers. However, the ongoing, wider globalization tells us that European cooperation is no longer sufficient; our customers now require much more than just that. We have found that the colleagues of both North-America’s Clairus Group and Southern Africa’s Autoboys have the same vision on our industry”.

Although Uniban and Autoboys will not share jobs with other countries, like AGE’s European Partners do, the partnerships have been formed to help share best practice between different continents and to be able to provide support to insurance, leasing and fleet companies who are operating across multiple continents.

Autoboys of Southern Africa is a leader in innovative ideas and is known across the country for its excellent service, professionalism, high-quality and perfection in glass-fitting. This vision is also reflected at Uniban, the Canadian leader in automotive glass, who works with its networks which is connected by the corporate objectives and shared values of customer satisfaction and superior customer experience.

Pierre Voyer, Executive VP of Uniban Canada says:

“At Uniban Canada, a Clairus Group Company, we are dedicated to serving our clients with respect and loyalty whilst enriching their experience. We strongly believe in proactive management and continuously assessing our service and performance standards. With insurance partners from across the globe, it is essential for us to employ best practices in windshield repair, replacements and ADAS recalibration. We strive to create synchronicity with our partners and actively listen to their feedback, as it is vital for us to be aligned with industry needs and standards. We are delighted to become a Partner of the AGE Group because of its international capabilities”.

Filum Ho, managing director of Autoboys says:

“Autoboys is the fastest growing provider of glass repair, replacement services and ADAS recalibration in Southern Africa and is extremely proud and excited to be part of the AGE network. To be successful in the modern economy requires collaboration and shared learning; no company can afford to be an island in today’s highly connected world. To this end, we believe that we have found a great partner in AGE.  We look forward to the exchange of ideas, leveraging international relationships and purchasing power, and of course, building meaningful connections with the rest of the team at AGE.”

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Automotive Glass Europe Goes Global