Claim technology solutions will empower insurers, brokers and customers


Rapid developments in technology are fundamentally changing every industry on the planet – and the motoring industry is no different.

From driverless cars to advances in electric vehicles, the automotive world will look very different in decades to come. However, it’s not just how we drive that will be disrupted, but also how we repair and insure our vehicles.

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In places such as the US and UK, there are already mobile apps that provide car owners with preselected lists of workshops that are geo-located and star-rated. These apps enable car owners to browse prices for parts and choose the best deal. When a car owner makes a decision, these apps send the parts retailers a notification of exactly what’s needed before a vehicle has even arrived on the workshop floor. It’s only a matter of time before these apps hit South African shores and become the standard norm across the globe.

At its core, it’s all about putting control back into the consumer’s hands. And insurers – in particular – will need to keep pace with these changes and develop their own client-facing technology solutions. There will be growing expectations from customers that insurers give them the ability to instantly track and request specific claim details via software solutions, such as apps or newly developed websites.

The fact is that customers already want to spend less time following up on claim completion progress, and the pressure is on insurers to build out these systems. By increasingly automating the process, this will not only save time for customers but for brokers as well. It will also lower the risk of inaccurate product data and customer information from finding its way into insurers’ systems.

To cope with this new world, claims service teams of the future will need to be leaner, increasingly efficient and ever-more skilled. It will be essential to stay ahead of the curve and have a multi-channel digital experience with automated self-serve channels. This is why we as Autoboys have proactively adapted to this shift in the market by already helping insurers and brokers to create streamlined processing of key client data.

This has helped reduce brand and reputational risk while providing more efficient regulatory compliance. We at Autoboys do all this while prioritising the highest level of protection for our customers’ personal data. All of this results in an enhanced experience, greater channel access and faster claim resolution.

By adapting to this new world and turning to a provider such as Autoboys, you as a broker and your organisation can be more successful by boosting profitability, improving pricing and increasing efficacy of underwriting or risk assessments.

If you’re interested in how tech will completely change how you replace your car’s parts, we recommend reading this insightful article by Autoboys CEO Filum Ho here.

Alternatively, please download our infographic that illustrates how Autoboys’ groundbreaking tech can help you close more claims and save time.

Autoboys- Glass-Infographic
Claim technology solutions will empower insurers, brokers and customers