SA Is The Only Country That Has Embedded Extended Warrantee Policies

Would you like to have the right to repair your vehicle with a service provider of your choice, without voiding your car warrantee?

Car owners in South Africa are often locked into using a vehicle manufacturers repair shop and parts because it is embedded in the motor and service plan.

All of this could change in the near future with a draft code of conduct for the automotive industry.

Azania Mosaka speaks to Autoboys CEO Filum Ho to find out more about the impact of warranties on consumers.

What these warranties tend to do is limit consumer choice.

— Filum Ho, CEO – Autoboys

He says, currently, South Africa’s economy is very unequal and a lot of things speak to this – including the fact that there is so much concentration and not enough competition, especially in the automotive industry.

In terms of vehicle repair, there is so much economic concentration and there is not enough competition. So from our side, we wanted to make sure we promote greater competition.

— Filum Ho, CEO – Autoboys

South Africa is really still the only country in the world that has embedded extended warrantee policies.

— Filum Ho, CEO – Autoboys

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